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Your air conditioning system most likely will not give you a warning before it breaks down. It typically is going to wait until the hottest part of the year, before it decides to fail. At Grimes Heating & Air we’re all too familiar with the problem. When you find yourself with a critical failure on a hot day, call Grimes Heating & Air (530) 589-1272. We can have a technician out to diagnose, repair or replace your failed air conditioner.

Grimes Heating & Air technicians are NATE certified and well versed in solving all residential air conditioning problems. With fast diagnosis and repair, rest assured Grimes Heating & Air will not leave you needlessly waiting. Our technicians come prepared to do all facets of repairs in our well-stocked trucks.

  • Air conditioning repair.
  • Air conditioning replacement.
  • Air conditioning maintenance.
  • Residential air conditioning.
  • Commercial air conditioning.
  • Trustworthy, and drug free.

We are proudly an authorized BRYANT™ dealer. But we service and maintain all brands.

Find peace of mind with a new AC system.

Perhaps the time has come to consider replacing your older, inefficient air conditioning system… Our experts at Grimes Heating & Air have the proper personnel to assist you with this decision. We would be happy to assist you in choosing a system that will not only improve efficiency but also consider your budget. A comfort consultant will come to your home, review all your existing system (taking note of the existing duct-work, model, tonnage etc.) and then sit and consult with your regarding his findings and suggestions. Basing the recommendations found after an initial investigation of your system and home. Our technicians are reliable and professionally trained. At no extra charge, furthermore, we will remove the old unit off your property and dispose of it with the proper recycling authorities.

Give us a call at (530) 589-1272 and let us help you get the most out of your hard-earned dollars. We will do whatever we can to aid you with rebates you may qualify for.

Made for efficiency, comfort level and improvement of indoor air quality.

Whether you are concerned with keeping your home cool in the summer, or warm during the winter, you can trust the comfort of your home to the consultants at Grimes Heating & Air to help you get exactly the size air conditioning system your home needs. Our goal is to help you select a unit with maximum efficiency, ease of use, and comfort levels in mind. As a result, a newer air conditioning system will not only lower your energy consumption and lower your energy bill by running more efficiently, they can also provide you with comfort year round. We’re confident our full line of BRYANT™ products can meet this need for your home.

When it comes to choosing a new air conditioning system installed, repairs to an existing system, routine service to an existing system, or just the reassurance that comes from one of our scheduled maintenance programs… Feel free to contact us. We will keep your air conditioning system functioning at its best.

  • Bronze package includes: annual maintenance (1 visit) at $95 p/year.
  • Silver package includes: bi-annual maintenance (2 visits p/year) at $150 p/year.
  • Gold package includes: quarterly visits (4 visits p/year) at $ 395 p/year.

Please view our ‘Maintenance Program’ pages for a complete list of services offered.

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