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Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems Repair & Installation Services

Pump up your business with VRF heat pumps

Variable refrigerant flow systems are the wave of the future for your commercial and multi-family residential needs. They are extremely flexible, energy efficient and economical because they send refrigerant directly to the zones or areas of your building or buildings that need to be heated or cooled. With a VRF system, you can vary the flow of refrigerant from zone to zone, even delivering heat to one area and cool comfort to another.

Flexible And Efficient: A Super Cool Combination!

Grimes Heating & Air partners with an industry leader, Bryant, to offer a wide selection of VRF heat pump systems. These systems are the perfect fit for office buildings, health facilities, school buildings/campuses, hotels, multi-family residences, retrofits and more. VRF heat pump systems are equipped with variable speed technology and multiple inverter compressors ranging from 12 tons/single module up to 36 tons/modular systems. The largest system uses one outdoor compressor that can handle as many as 64 independent indoor units. Bryant also offers single-phase VRF systems for spaces that are too small for a standard VRF system but too large for a residential ductless system.

And that’s not all. These systems can be reconfigured if building uses change or new tenants move in. How’s that for flexibility?

Advantages of VRF systems include:

  • Control: The entire system can be managed from one central location. This makes it ideal for a sprawling campus or for one building with multiple heating and cooling needs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our VRF systems use the minimum amount of refrigerant necessary to handle the building load and each separate zone. They improve your climate control and minimize your energy loss by cooling and heating different areas simultaneously. The result: lower energy bills!
  • Versatility: From wide open spaces such as lobbies and auditoriums to tiny offices and other smaller rooms, this system can handle all of your heating and cooling needs.
  • Brains: VRF systems are smart! They automatically monitor and adjust the flow of refrigerant to each indoor unit based on unique conditions. They figure out the amount of refrigerant each unit needs and then manage the flow for maximum comfort and optimal control. Bryant VRF systems also keep tabs on their own health, alerting you when it’s time for a little TLC.
  • Easy Installation: VRF systems don’t require water pumps, distribution fans or large hydronic pumps. They don’t need large maintenance rooms or service shafts. As a result, they are a breeze to install and occupy less space. That means more square footage for you and your needs!
  • Architectural Integrity: This system’s small size and long refrigerant lines allow you to retrofit your historic building without compromising architectural integrity and structure.
  • Comfort: VRF systems result in greater comfort because they run quietly. They also allow you to adjust room temperatures before and after they are occupied, which is a huge plus for hotel rooms and other spaces.
  • Health: These systems improve climate control and prevent cross air contamination. As a result, the air you breathe is healthier.
  • Convenience: For multi-family residences, precision zoning gives each tenant control over comfort levels. At the same time, the building owner or manager can reduce the flow to vacant condos or apartments. Plus, because it generates zone-by-zone energy usage reports, a VRF system makes it easy to bill tenants.

We’ll Cover All Of The Bases

Not familiar with this system or want to learn more? Our friendly and experienced NATE-certified technicians will be happy to answer all of your questions. We’ll visit your property, carefully assess your needs and recommend the variable refrigerant flow system that’s right for you. Grimes and Bryant have options to fit your comfort demands as well as your budget expectations. We’re the experts you can rely on for all of your variable refrigerant flow system replacement, installation, repair and maintenance needs.

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We know that a VRF system is a major investment. Ask us about our affordable financing options or learn more here. Whether you live in Oroville, Palermo, Forbestown, Berry Creek, Bangor, Chico, Paradise, Magalia, Durham, Yuba City, Gridley, Live Oak or Marysville, we are ready to serve you with our modern day technology and old-fashioned service. When you need a variable refrigerant flow system, our team will deliver! Call Grimes Heating & Air at 530.589.1272 or contact us on the web.

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